Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lenten Discipline

As I sit here and write my Ash Wednesday sermon, it dawns on me that I ought to post what I'm doing for Lent. Let's begin with a little prayer.

Gracious and merciful God, you hate nothing that you have made and forgive the sins of all, blessing those who have engaged in a fearless moral inventory and sought to be reconciled with you, with one another, and within themselves. Create in us now, O Lord, new and reclaimed hearts, so that when we turn to you and confess our sins we will have opened ourselves fully to accept the forgiveness that you have already given. Amen.


Part One: rededication to my prayer life. An hour of Tai Chi and two sessions of silent meditation, daily.

Part Two: one half hour of creativity, daily. This could take many forms.

Part Three: blogging my daily efforts and checking in with Fran's blog, as she goes through the same thing.

...Yay! Lent! (I love Lent.) And my fat tuesday celebration? Espresso with a lot of sugar.

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