Thursday, June 21, 2007

The opening prayer for worship on Sunday. I deeply suspect this was written by my rector, The Rev. R. Cameron Miller. I'll keep you posted on that suspicion.

God of billions,
who live in the igcognito of anonymity
who have been
spiritually roto-rooted
by your power that is so much greater than ourselves:
have mercy on us.

We are legion,
each one of us -
a legion of dawning splendor,
mean discontent
and unfulfilled hunger all in one person;
a trinity of saints and demons
have mercy on us.

Nothing can heal our manic desire
for more and more;
nor quiet the legion of voices
splitting our heart into minions;
nothing, that is, but you,
only you.
have mercy on us.

And you do
have mercy on us
as we follow your boat drifting away
and beckon for you to take us with you.
But, instead, you surprise us,
telling us to stay home
and do some healing here.
Beloved, we give you thanks for your mercy and healing. Amen.


Anonymous said...

HMMMM Written by Cam? Ya think?

Sare said...

It was the line 'spiritually roto-rooted' that tipped me off, actually. That sounds like classic Cam Miller (so far as I have been able to discern Classic Cam Miller in the last 18 months). But then, you never know. It might be Walter Brueggemann - he throws one for a linguistic loop all the time, in his prayers.