Friday, February 1, 2008

Lent, Yay! (Lent, Yay?)

To whomever is in the neighborhood,

You are all cordially invited to Ash Wednesday services at Trinity Church on Delaware Ave. This year, Ash Wednesday is February 6th. Services are being held at noon, and 6pm. (Yours truly will be preaching and presiding at 6pm.)

To whomever is listening, neighborhood or no,


I think I might have started my lenten stuff early this year. I find this sort of exciting and wonderful, not that I don't like Epiphany, of course. I've got nothing against Epiphany. But a sanctified opportunity for reflection and redirection/repentance? Oh, sign me up. Sign me up twice.

So, according to the BCP (yes, we at Trinity are aware of its existence, contrary to popular opinion), we have four tasks before us in Lent. No, giving up Chocolate is strangely not among them. Here we go:

  • engage in self-examination & an internal process of repentance
  • engage in special & focused prayers and meditation
  • practice fasting & other acts of discipline
  • read and intwardly recieve God's Word in Scripture

    Now, the BCP isn't the bible, but it's pretty specific in that it lists all four things, not a multiple choice, that we're invited to do. And as I say, in for a penny, in for a pound. Or, a dollar. Or with inflation these days, 20 bucks.

    So, as I was going over Trinity's worship guide (based on the BCP, yes), and reviewing it, I came across these words. And so I made myself a list, because if I'm going to ask anyone else to do something, I had better be doing it myself. (It might not shock you to know that I think this way.) And I thought, okay...

    Number one - check! I started that back up a few weeks ago, and it'll still be going strong through the season of Lent.

    Number two - check! Although, if I'm honest, a little more discipline in the meditate-every-day plan could be instituted. I'll work on that through Lent.

    Number four - check! How else, I ask you, could I preach with any integrity. Still going strong on this.

    Number three - erm... Won't it be lovely that I can start this in Lent? ::sigh:: And I know just what sort of fasting I'll be doing. Because of my slightly wonky cardiovascular system, horribly bad things happen if I fast entirely, but I can fast somewhat - bread, pasta, rice... ::sigh:: How I love thee. Inordinately so, as Augustine might think of it, if Augustine could ever get his mind out of the gutter. You know, if he were alive. So, I shall fast from carbs. And other acts of discipline? I think 6am at the BAC has my name on it. ...I wonder if healthclub attendance spikes at the beginning of Lent, as it does right after new years day...

    So, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. The first three are positive changes I've worked into the fabric of my life. The carbs and the BAC one would think I could also easily work into the fabric of my life, but if that sort of thing were easy, America would not have the obesity issue that it currently does...

    Not that all of America would fit into the Buffalo Athletic Club, but you get my point.

    So, what are you going to do?

    Anonymous said...

    Ok I'll try
    1- I'm back going to AA so those two come up if I want them to or not
    2- Never Meditated in my life, I've tried but turns to daydreams real quick, but I do pray, so I''l just try to bring that up to everyday
    4- I've been trying to read the Bible, just going to try harder
    3- Not going to let my keyboard write any checks my body can't cash so I'll get back to you on this one.
    Not gonna sign this one you probally know who I am, and I'm not sure I want anyelse to

    Sare said...


    No worries.

    I'm glad you've taken up Lent as a time of introspection and renewal for your life - it really is perfectly suited for just that. The way I see it, it kickstarts what we really need to be doing all year long, or at least maintaining in the background all year long. But then, I'm a great proponent of the concept of "Know Thyself."

    Fran said...

    The big thing I am working on this Lent is to find time for study - so I am taking on the discipline of an hour of study a day. Which means giving up an hour of messing around on the computer. I'll be letting you know, regularly, how that's going. ;)