Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Spiritual Storminess"

This reflection was given at Trinity @ 7, March 16, 2008

Tonight’s theme is ‘spiritual storminess’
Now, there are a bunch of different
Ways you can think about this phenomenon,
This sturm und drang
That arrives on the scene of our lives
Without so much as a by-your-leave
Because the storm can be loud and showy\
Like a thunderstorm at night
Or quiet like snow falling, relentlessly
Or sometimes, you only realize it
When it has cleared
And you take a deep breath
And realize that you haven’t taken
A deep breath in quite a while

It’s characterized – no matter how loud –
By it’s ability to turn everything in your life
Upside down
All of the common wisdom
No longer seems to apply
And you realize how much you’ve
Been relying on Automatic Pilot
But the thing about auto pilot
Is that it only works if you give it
The right heading
And if down is up and north is south
Auto pilot is offline

And at that point we are all left
To re-examine everything
-everything- we’d taken for granted
We’ve got to pull out every single book,
Each CD from the shelf of our souls
And take a good, hard look
Listen to the CD a few times, with new ears
Reread the first four chapters, with new eyes
And decide for ourselves
All over again
And maybe for the first time
(and maybe for the fourth)
Is this what we want?
Is this who we are?
Because the assumptions we were
Going on before
No longer apply
And now is the time
In the midst of the sturm und drang
To light a candle
And take stock
Of who we are
So, I invite you to do just that.

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