Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gorgeous Pictures


So, as a part of our website redesign, we're getting some new pics done of the church. The photographer, who uses a new and funky technique to get the most out of the shots, put a few of them up on her flikr site, and they are just gorgeous.

...Though, a slight word of warning: While most of the comments on the pictures are unstintingly kind and generous, both to the photographer and the location, some are not. Some are cynical, and some are immature. So please, feel free to leave comments on her site and let her know what you think of the pictures - and the location, if the Spirit so moves you.

There are a set of five pictures - one of which is a closeup of a hymnal and BCP, which is stranagely ironic, as of course, at Trinity we don't use either one. That made me laugh.

So go, check it out. It's really quite beautiful, annoying commentary aside.

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