Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Never argue with a guy with a chain saw"

"Never argue with a guy with a chainsaw," person A said with something like astonishment.

"I didn't argue," person B said with a totally straight face. "I turned the hose on him. But he sneaked back three days later when I was not at home and he chopped the tree down, anyway."

...This was a conversation that actually occured during staff meeting. Identities have been sheilded to preserve the innocent. You see, the city cut down the wrong tree in front of our church. As reported to us by person C, when the gentlemen who were working on our rose window, and up in one of those bucket crane things (and who, by the by, had an impeccable view of the entirely healthy crown of the tree that is no more) when those same lovely stained glass workers asked the city's workmen why on earth they were cutting down this obviously healthy tree instead of the clearly pathetic one that did not weather the October storm well that was just three trees down, the city's workmen said, and I quote:

"Never argue with a guy with a chainsaw."

Excuse me?

That sounds like the sort of threat a bully would use. Or a mafioso enforcer. And, call me crazy, I'm fairly certian that it goes against the ethos encouraged by our dear mayor, Byron Brown.

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